It's been a while since I last shot in the studio and I was please to be back at Butterfly Studios in Norwich for a shoot with Emilee Victoria who had travelled up from Ipswich.

For this shoot I was heading back to my personal style; low key, high contrast images with a mix of glamour and fashion. This was where I started and I still love the look it creates. I love the sliver of light picking the model out of the dark background and seeing bright colours pop against the black.  

Emilee was a great model to work with and made getting the shots almost effortless, allowing me time to focus on composition and lighting rather than directing her poses.  The shoot was 2 hours long but soon flew by.

This shoot required my normal line up of 5D III, Canon 70-200 f2.8 and 24-70 f2.8 but with the addition of my new Godox 600D.  This was the first outing for the Godox and it didn't disappoint.  The battery life was amazing and was it was still showing full power after the 2 hour shoot and the strobe cycle kept up with the tempo of the shoot.  The colour looked great and I didn't have any problems during post with it.

My full lighting set up included my lower powered godox DE300 strobes (a cheap but great value strobe) acting as rim lights.  For modifiers, I used a beauty dish on the key light and a gridded soft box on the rim lights.

The key light was placed above an in line with the model,  pointing down at a 45 degree angle with the rim light off to the models left aiming at the middle of her body.

Post processing was fairly simple.  The images were great straight out of camera needing only a little extra contrast, a slight pull back on the highlights and opening the shadows as global changes before sliding them across to Photoshop for a bit of love from a tone curve adjustment layer, dodge and burn, spot healing and frequency separation.  Finally, I dropped on a bit of colour grading through Color Efex pro and the blue channel on the tone curve. 

Overall, I'm really pleased with how these images came out and enjoyed every moment of being back in the studio. 

Gear Used