I'm sure I've said it before; the best part of photography is meeting some amazing and great people.  Meeting the Son of Town Hall was no exception.  The duo put on an stunning show at the Grapevine for Music, Norwich, in June.  Their show offered an interesting mix of comedy and music, and their set ended far too quickly.  Their act deserves respect, so this blog post will be in keeping and anyone who has had the privilege to watch them will understand.

I come across a lot of firsts while shooting photographs and this was another first for me.  It isn't everyday you meet two people who have sailed the seven seas on a junk raft, endured Pirates, ended up sailing up the river Wensum to the Grapevine for Music, only to end up in the court at Guildhall.  This is where I met them discussing their luck at being offered a possible trip to Australia; apparently a fair few people had been sent there from the Guildhall in the past.  

After spending some time with them and explaining what the camera was (no, it does not steal your soul); they agreed to let me take some shots.  The Guildhall was a difficult location to shoot in.  As I was not expecting to take portraits I only had small flash with me and the court was a big room.  I really needed my portable studio strobes with me.  Not to be deterred, I bumped up the ISO and opened my aperture as wide as it could go, f2.8.  Although I was shooting a 5D mark 3 the images did contain a fair bit of grain but this added a bit of character to the images.  

The room was completely clad in dark wood which gave an interesting colour cast.  I did try to correct this in post but it was difficult to get rid of it completely.  Where the cast was causing too much of an issue switching to black and white saved it.

You learn a lot on the high seas, skills and endurance you didn’t know you possessed. Music and storytelling kept us afloat, kept us alive, really. We developed a blend and a sound that led even the sea creatures and the moon to pay attention. We just had to hope that it would translate on dry land.
— Son of Town Hall

Now, these two can tell a tale but I would not do them justice if I were to share their stories with you.  I would urge anyone to visit them when they are next ashore and hear what they have to say or just listen and enjoy their music (strange how they didn't know what a digital camera was but have found soundcloud - listen now).

While I am in no way qualified to pass on their stories, I hope these images captured their character and give you a sense of who they are.  It is the fleeting moments and connections like this which add colour to our lives and I wish them all the best on their next voyage.