I was back at the Grapevine For Music, Norwich earlier this week to get some more images but also to enjoy the amazing music on offer.  This months line up brought music from Supermoon, Jefferson Thomas (all the way from New York), and Pepper and Shepherd.  As always the music was top notch.

I was presented with the same photographic challenges as before but with a couple of additional ones added in.  With the days drawing out the evening was much lighter than before so I was having to adjust for the ambient light which faded as the evening went on.  Also, there was a strong red, pink and purple light on the performers.  No amount of in camera white balance adjusting would compensate leaving the performers looking very red faced in many of the images.

Some of the shots affected by the strong colour were great shots and I really wanted to try to recover them in post.  Even in post, not all images could be colour corrected without some strange psychedelic affects on the images so switched them over to black and white.  The images still looked great in black and white even though they were not shot with this in mind.

While shooting the event I also switched over to capture some video to see if I could capture the event in moving pictures along side stills.  I think it came out quite well considering I was shooting hand held with some heavy kit.  A bit of Warp Stabilisation in Premiere Pro cc 2017 helped smooth out some shots but it would not work on all of them.

Once again I had a great night at the Grapevine For Music, Norwich, and I am genuinely pleased with the outcome. r/