Sometimes getting diaries to align is difficult leading to last minute cancellations.  Unfortunately, this happened last week and I had to post a last minute casting call on purple port to fill the gap.  Luckily Charis Beau responded and I was not disappointed.  The shoot was a mix of headshot, portrait and maternity.  Charis was a great model and despite being heavily pregnant, was happy to model for the 2 hour shoot. 

We worked on several different sets; shallow depth of field portraits using a Ring Light, a white and black background as well a more standard 2 & 3 light low key setup.  

The ring light was really effective and produced its distinctive halo catch light in Charis' eyes.  Being a continuous light and relatively low powered compared to my studio strobes, it allowed me to shoot at f2.8 and get the shallow depth of field style allowing the eyes to really stand out.  I added a flashgun in a softbox off to her side to provide a little extra kick to the image and separate her from the background.

The low key images used my standard lighting set up.  A modeling light in front and above with a strobe off to the side to help separate Charis from the background.  As I always do in the studio, I was shooting tethered to help me to review images but also to help give Charis direction on her poses.

For most of the low key images I used my inexpensive, but surprisingly good, Godox DE 300 strobes.  One with a beauty dish attached as the key light, another with a softbox to add some fill and finally a snoot to provide a hairlight.

Post processing of the images was quite simple as Charis skin was great and only needed a small amount of retouching.  Most of the time spent on retouching was on applying dodge and burn, frequency separation and colour grading.  I have uploaded a quick video to my new YouTube which shows an overview of the editing process.

I'm really pleased with how these images came out.  The Ring Light worked really well to give a different look to my portrait.  I am also really grateful to Charis for stepping in at such short notice and putting up with my constant moving of light stand.

If you are interested in buying any of the equipment I used in this shoot, please follow the affiliate links below.