The Grapevine for Music in Norwich has been a long standing pop up music event in Norwich showcasing independent musicians from across the world.  The Café Britannia in the Norwich Guildhall, once the centre of law in Norwich, hosts the event in its old court room.

The line up offered meaningful tones from "Don't Lose Heart" and "Adriana Spina" as well as up beat folk music from "Fred's House". 

Shooting the event posed a few challenges from the low light in the venue and ever changing colours to trying to work around, and not in front of, the audience.

The low light and changing colours were not too difficult to overcome.  I had to shoot wide open at f2.8 and at ISO 2800 or 3200.  With the shallow depth of field I would either have to shoot with the aim of isolating subjects or from further back in the venue if I wanted more in focus.  Luckily, the venue has a balcony at the rear of the hall giving me a great vantage point. High ISO isn't an issue for my cameras and, if the grain is noticeable, I feel it adds character to the shots.

Getting around the venue without disrupting the audience was a bigger challenge but was achieved with a long lens and a smile when I need to get past someone. 

The hardest part of shooting this event was not getting distracted by the amazing music of offer.  It was very tempting to grab a beer, sit and listen to them but I am glad I didn't and was able to capture some great shots of talented people.