I've continued to focus on expanding my portfolio and working with male models during February.  Callum was a great male fashion model to work with, balancing his edgier look (curtesy of his tattoos) with a contemporary style.  During the shoot we worked on 3 styles, low key moody shots, high key fashion shots and environmental portraits which would suit fashion blogs.

If you are a photographer and would like to work with Callum, he is contactable via his purple port profile - Callum Batley

As with most of my studio shoots we worked at Butterfly Studios in Norwich and then ventured out of the studio into the surrounding industrial estate to get a different backdrop.

I'm really pleased with how the images came out and, despite being taken in the same location as my shoot with Danny, have different feel to them.

I've recently started to shoot tethered via a Tether Tools cable so I can make sure the shots are in focus and the model or client is happy with the shots before we wrap up.  It has really helped reduce the stress of shooting as it reduces the likelihood of having to call a reshoot.

The affiliate link below will take you to the Tether Tools product used in this shoot.