This February I decided to focus on working with male models to expand and diversify my portfolio.  Danny, a sports and fitness model, was great to work with and his physique was perfect for high contrast images.  The shoot lasted around 2 hours and left me feeling I needed to go for a run and maybe give that kettle bell exercise routine another go.

The photoshoot took place at Butterfly Studios in Norwich which provides a great space for shooting both high key (light, bright) and low key (dark, black) images.  They also provide regular cups of coffee and tea which is the magic ingredient for getting great images at any photoshoot.

I used a 3 light set up to get the high key shots.  To start the shoot the key and fill lights were set up as butterfly lighting to give a consistent light for the high key portraits.  I later moved the key light off to one side to add a bit of contrast to the images.  A hair light was added to lift Danny from the background and add a touch of definition. 

The low key shots used a single light setup with a gridded beauty dish on a boom stand.  Post production editing consisted of some skin retouching, dodging and burning, frequency separation to smooth out skin tones and a bit of colour grading.

Danny is not only a professional model but also a personal trainer ( and has his own range of fitness clothing (  I really recommend looking him up.

If you are interested in getting the above look during one of your photoshoots and buying more photography equipment (because you can never have enough), please use the affiliate links below to purchase some of the equipment I used in this shoot.  The Godox DE 300 strobes were a real pleasant surprise considering their relatively cheap price.  I bought them to use instead of my small flash when I am in the studio.  They are not the fastest or most powerful strobes (shutter sync at 160) but they are great for portraits.