On a cloudy Sunday afternoon I walked back onto the Norwich Devils home field for the last time this year.  It had been a few months since I last joined up with the team to document their game and I found them in even higher spirits than the last time I saw them.  

Today was going to be their last associate game before heading into the League and they would be pitted against the Burnley Tornados.  With their usual engery, the Norwich Devils entered the game and, at the end of 4 quaters, the final whistle blow on a score of 42-0 to the Devils.

Like most outside events the weather provides a significant photography challenge and this game didn't dissapoint in this regard.  The weather was kind enough to test the weather seals on my camera and lenses and had me chasing the light with my shutterspeed.  This was not going to put me off or temper any enjoyment I was getting from watching the game.

A relatively unquie challenge I face when shooting the Devils is trying to predict their game.  I normally shoot alone and have my field of view restricted to the view down a 200mm lens for most of the game which makes it hard to keep up with the ball and being able to snag a shot of a catch.  Luckly, I had some help this time from Steve Palmer which allowed us to split out focus and try to grab a bigger range of shots.

I'm pleased with the series of shots I took during the game which was, as always, full of drama and spectacular moments.