Shooting the Norwich Devils practice late last year opened an opportunity to work with them in January of this year to get some images for their website and other promotions.  

We were looking to get images to reflected the sport, the character of the team and nodded to the styling of the NFL.  

I arrived at St Andrews High School, the home of the team, and was met by a gym full of equipment (including a full size trampoline).  Somehow I was going to have to make the room disappear in the images and I only had a fairly small backdrop to put up.  Crushing the ambient light was going to be the order of the day.

For those who are keen to know I ran 2 studio strobes with gridded softboxes at 45 degrees behind the subject to act as rim lights and a studio strobe with a gridded beauty dish on a boom as the key light.  Early in the shoot we found the light dropped off too quickly at f.10/11 so a small flash was placed on the floor to help fill out the lower parts of the image.  

After 4 hours, we walked away with almost 500 images, most of which were usable and enough killer shots to keep the graphic designer busy for a while.  A good days work in any photographers books.