I have a shoot coming up next week to practice my Fashion photography and my workflow.  Like any skill photography has to be practiced and good photos only come from hours of work and thousands of bad images.

I believe there are 2 types of photos, ones that are taken and those that are made.  A photo that is taken is one that captures a moment such as a holiday snap shot, street photography or phot journalism.  One that is made is planned, time is taken to set it up and the environment has been manipulated to maximise the artistic/commercial value of the image.  Both take great skill to get right.

My photography background leans more towards taking photos.  I love the candid, photo-journalist feel to an image, its honesty, raw emotion and familiarity.  However, there making photos can extend the creative opportunities on offer when you pick up a camera.

So my next shoot is as much about development and refining my workflow as it is about getting the great shot.  While I will always want to nail the best shot possible, I will not kick myself if I get it wrong as Thomas Edison said, "I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work".  This shoot will be about:

  • Developing the pre-shoot rapport with the model; we will only have 2 hours to shoot so I do not want to spend that time building a working relationship.  We need to get along and relax quickly.
  • Conveying a concept to the model - If I cannot communicate my vision it will be had to get the shot
  • Planning and setting up the lighting - Again, I have a short amount of time so I need to plan the shots and the lighting I will be using.  I then need to set them up quickly so I do not loose too much time
  • Coaching the model - While I may have been able to share my concept with the model I now need to coach her into the pose that looks right through the lens.
  • Closing the session - I need to build a reliable group of models I can work with so I want to finish the shoot on a positive and maybe talk about future ideas. 
  • Post processing - I hope I will get the image as close as possible in camera but creating an image is likely going to need some post processing.
  • Sharing and realising added value - As I am building a photography business, the only way I get known (and more business) is to share my work.  I am still learning how to leverage social media to my advantage.  While the whole workflow is about adding value to the image from concept to print, I only realise the value of this once I receive financial return for the time and resources I have committed to the project.

So, I am looking to get a lot out of this shoot.  I want to practice the workflow so I can see what works and what doesn't so I can make it as quick as possible and be able to produce a repeatable and consistent end product.